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Workshop-Discussion: The Gender of Police Violence

Law enforcement agencies not only enforce systemic power relations based on race and class  – through racial profiling, race-based policing, and the targeting of low-income communities – but they also police intersecting gender lines while enforcing dominant gender and sexual norms.

This interactive workshop will explore, and strategize around developing responses to, the gendered aspects and manifestations of law enforcement violence that are often invisible in organizing and advocacy around both police brutality and gender-based violence. From the enforcement of gender binaries and punishment of non-conformity, to police negligence, failure to protect and direct assault on women and trans folks, this workshop will explore police violence within the contexts of the “war on drugs”, policing of sex and sex work, “quality of life”, “zero tolerance” and “broken windows” policing.

With: Anna-Louise Crago, Ellen Gabriel, Jessica Yee, Marty Fink, Pamela Shauk and a member of the South Asian Women’s Community Centre
Facilitated by: Nora Butler Burke

Though open to all participants, this workshop will prioritize the voices of women.



Workshop: “Asserting our rights when dealing with the police” (in French)

The COBP presents its revamped “Know Your Rights” workshop. This workshop seeks to inform participants of their basic rights when dealing with police. The workshop covers topics such as identification, arrests, searches, interrogations and demonstrations and will also outline some basic tips on interacting with police. We hope that participants leave the workshop feeling empowered and informed, ready to defend their rights.

Facilitated by the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality


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Workshop-Discussion: Taking care of our communities — Justice without Police

Many in our communities deal with police harassment, abuse and brutality, and are growing more and more critical of the role played by the police in perpetuating, rather than eradicating, violence. Moreover, government responses to violence within our communities only contribute to criminalizing the most vulnerable among us. Yet, our diverse communities struggle to combat violence and achieve justice and accountability on a daily basis. In this context, it is clear that we cannot rely on law enforcement structures or mainstream and state-controlled service providers to fight violence within our communities. This workshop aims to create a space for discussion and strategizing around ways we can empower our communities to create our own structures of accountability and justice, while dealing with issues of violence without resorting to the state and the police.

Facilitated by: Isabel Gonzalez & Loira Limbal, members of “Sista to Sista”, which was a collective of Black and Latina working-class women active in Brooklyn (New York), creating political and cultural alternatives to the systems we live in, to build a society of liberation and love.


Skillshare workshop: Making film

Hands-on workshop to learn and share skills around using film as a tool to combat police violence and impunity. Learn effective ways of filming, approaches to documenting incidents (cop-watch), and how to film with alternatives to cameras. The workshop will also cover legal implications of filming the police.

Facilitated by members of the Independent Media Centre (IMC) and the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality, plus friends


Skillshare workshop: Stenciling + Wheatpasting 101

At a loss for words? Say it with graffiti!
This hands-on workshop gives an intro to stenciling, and wheatpasting. We’ll discuss different techniques for each type of art and share experiences for getting the job done quickly and stealthily. Leave the workshop with your own stencil! All materials provided.

Facilitated by the Ste Emilie Skillshare




Strategizing session & Concluding statements



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