The organizing committee of the Forum Against Police Violence and Impunity has a strict no corporate media policy. This is to help ensure a safe space for community members to express themselves and discuss their experiences freely. In the spirit of the Forum, individuals victimized by police violence should feel safe speaking out without fear of being placed under a media spotlight.

Throughout the conference, we are requesting that all media — whether invited or not — check in daily at the welcome desk. Invited photographers, community radio and film journalists will clearly identify themselves throughout the Forum with a name tag. Those invited by the Forum ogranizing committee to film or record the events at the Forum will be introduced by the workshop/panel facilitator at the beginning of each session, and only record that which they have received verbal consent by both panelists/facilitators and participants to record. Conference organizers and/or facilitators will seek consent at the beginning of each session, and announce that any information anyone requests to keep « off the record » will be respected and deleted from all documentation.

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